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MACE Rhinestone Purse Model Pink
Maximum Strength Formula 10% OC Pepper Stream plus UV Dye, 10 foot range, 5 Bursts.
Watch Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR
Inconspicuous spy tool, state-of-the-art complete surveillance system.
Gold Stun Gun with Zoomable Flashlight
The 18,000,000 volts Stun Gun with Zoomable LED Flashlight looks like a flashlight.
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    Spike Stun Gun Pink
    Spike Stun Gun Pink

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    Spike Stun Gun Purple

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    Spike Stun Gun Black

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Choosing Non-Lethal Self Defense Products

When it comes to protecting yourself, you don't always want your first response to be lethal force. Sometimes you just want to make sure that you are able to get away, contact the police, and live to see another day.

Items like stun guns, pepper sprays and Tasers are a great first option. I'm all for you carrying a gun, but non-lethal self-defense products give you an option before you use your gun. Let the gun be your second option. Choosing a non-lethal method is also going to be legal in more places.

Why Get A Taser For Protection

It is strong enough to knock a bad guy down and keep them subdued long enough for you to escape. In other words, it's not lethal and won't cause serious harm. However, it is strong enough to protect you and your family.

When you are trying to decide between a Taser and a stun gun, the primary difference is effective range and price. Tasers are effective up to 15 feet, but stun guns requires direct contact. Also, Tasers are about 10 times the cost of a stun gun, but are more effective.

Do Stun Guns Work?

Yes, they do. But, they work a little differently than Tasers. A stun gun is  designed to repel an attacker, giving you time to get to safety. They'll go through a half inch of clothing and do no permanent damage. I can tell you from personal experience, they hurt like hell. Imagine sticking a fork into a wall socket, except you don't die. Plus, they're less expensive than Tasers.

Pepper Spray - #1 Non-Lethal Self Defense Tool

There are many non-lethal self-defense options out there, but the most popular is pepper spray. Unlike Tasers, we can supply you with pepper spray that is equal to or greater than that used by law enforcement or military and provides an effective way to defend yourself without any worries about killing a person.

Self Defense Products like stun guns and Tasers are not legal everywhere. But, with some restrictions, pepper spray is legal in every state.

Outdoor And Survival Gear

If you spend anytime hiking, camping or prepping, we have some products that will be very helpful. From solar ovens and portable water filters to Paracord bracelet, rifle sling, belt and a PowerPack. Survival is going mainstream. The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is telling people in the Northeast to carry survival kits, because extreme blizzard conditions are a threat to life and property.

You don't need a blizzard to get you thinking about survival. Having a solar oven and water filter is handy when it's just for a weekend hike or camping trip. You don't need the end of the world to find these products very useful.

Hidden Cameras for the Home and Office

These days, it’s become easier than ever before to install wireless hidden cameras in your own home and office. It won't take long to have your entire home or office hooked up so you can view on your computer or smartphone. You’ll always be able to see what’s going on.

People use hidden cameras to observe nannies or babysitters to ensure their children are being treated well. Additionally, they can be used to monitor a repairman who is working in your house, or even to keep an eye on a pet that is left on their own throughout the day.

For the office, they can keep an eye on employees, you will be able to see everything going on when you aren't there. They are also great for frivolous harassment claims. You will have video proof.